Saturday, February 4, 2012

Food Tech Exam!

My Food Tech final 3 products :) They were all gluten free and were aimed to be served at a 5 star hotel!

1st Product:
The Torch is a cone shape gluten free short crust pastry brushed with a thin inner layer of chocolate, filled with a meringue buttercream and a variety of fruits, placed on a pure chocolate round base covered with a chocolate transfer sheet. Along with the exposed meringue blown with a blow torch.

2nd Product:
The Profiterole is an individual pastry. It has a variety of layers: Mascarpone cheese, choux pastry, blueberries and raspberries with a layer of chocolate ganache, topped with a chocolate transfer sheeted disc

3rd Product:
The Macaron is an individual serving. It has a variety of textures: with a shattering yet chewy cookie sandwiched with a smooth shiny chocolate ganache filling. Along with a drizzle of strawberry jam for a hint of flavour. and finally topped with a cherry on top!!

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