Friday, February 5, 2016

Sleepover Party

We replicated the birthday boy's bedroom in a cake for his sleepover party with his 3 best friends :) We made his favourite chips, mango passion fruit ice cream cone, cricket bat, soccer, bookcase, lamp, xbox, pyjamas wooden floor...etc 

This is a comparison of his bedroom and our cake replica

We decorated the whole cake board in light wooden tiles to match the original bedroom's floor

The final cake :) 

One of the friends lying on the floor 

The birthday boy's favourite chips flavour

He loves soccer, so we added these lovely soccer ball candles

We made his favourite cricket bat, ball and pads next to the bookcase

100% edible bookcase with the same lamp, bowls, medals as in his bedroom

These 3 cushions were hand painted to match the cushions on the bed

The birthday boy in his favourite yellow and blue striped pyjamas with his favourite 
xbox controller, cricket ball, mango passionfruit ice cream and kettle chips

Inside the cake: The different blue shade cake layers and buttercream frosting

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